The Mansa Chronicle Global Entrepreneurs Network

The Mansa Chronicle created in the image of Mansa Musa a profound African sultan, and ancient ruler of the Mali kingdom. His existence had a profound moral, spiritual, and philosophical influence that altered the world as we know it today

.In addition, The Mansa Chronicle backstory podcast aims to promote culture, well-being, and societal progress while also spreading the idea that "where we go from here is up to us."

Focus: Fatherhood, Economics, Agriculture Hybrid, Technology, Sports-Wellness, Education, History, Culture

We'd like to hear from you if you're a podcaster, YouTuber, or blogger interested in contributing, or if you have positive opinion or research that you believe will help promote the culture. We would be excited to hear from you.

Growing up, who did you see as an inspirational figure in your life, and why? (2 individuals max)

Good, Bad, or Indifferent. What advice would you share with the next African diaspora of Entrepreneurs?


Yesterday-Today- tomorrow

In a perfect world, we would not have high medical expenses, education inequalities, economic gaps based on where you are located, untrustworthy elected official seeking to install biased policies that the public must resist as a constitutional right, and the need for diversity when it comes to age and racial discrimination in hiring practices. This is where you can help!

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